BTS: What is RM’s ACADEMIC profile? Surprising!


One of the teachers at the school where the idols study has revealed the academic profile of BTS’s RM and his other classmates.

BTS is one of the outstanding K-pop bands, recognized worldwide and although its members enjoy fame and economic stability, they are studying at the Hanyang Cyber ​​University in South Korea.

It should be noted that the 7 singers and rappers of the Big Hit Entertainment band are very intelligent, which is why the testimony of one of the school teachers has recently stood out.

Fame came to the boys of BTS at a very young age, which allowed them to achieve their dreams quickly, but not everything in life is the stage and the music, so the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ decided to prepare in the related to school.

That is why currently Suga, V, RM, J-Hope and Jimin are pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Advertising Media at Hanyang Cyber ​​University, where music stars had to take a thorough examination of income to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

Now he has highlighted the interview of an ARMY who is a university student from Hanyang, who had a chat with the professor who interviewed BTS singers and rappers for their admission to the school, the academic revealed some aspects of the idols.

The academic profile of RM

It has been noted that the teacher was in charge of personally speaking with the idols to admit their admission to the master’s degree, he generally assured that the ON interpreters were shown as people who have very clear objectives.

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As if that were not enough, the teacher commented that their desire to study and learn more about the subject of Advertising Media could be seen, which is a topic that they want to put into practice in their career as world celebrities and that the Bangtan Boys are aware of the power of his voice, so they mentioned that he would like to participate and be agents of change within society, not only in South Korea, but also globally.


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