BTS: What has been RM’s best look?


In addition to his talent, BTS’s RM has surprised us with some of the best looks and styles in his hair. But which has been the best?

We cannot deny that BTS has positioned itself as one of the most popular and successful South Korean groups within the music industry worldwide; where each of its members has conquered us separately.

Although all the boys of this famous boyband have their own charm, we cannot deny that RM has positioned himself as one of the favorites, not only for being the great leader of the band but also for having one of the sweetest personalities.

However, this time we will not talk about the personality of the BTS boys, but about their great style which many times has become a topic of debate within the entire ARMY; Well, we have to recognize that this group always manages to surprise us in this regard.

Even in La Verdad Noticias we have followed up on all these debates and trends of BTS; a group that definitely always manages to stay among the best headlines.

What has been RM’s best look?

Let’s remember that this famous K-Pop group debuted seven years ago, to be specific in June 2013. Which is why we have seen these guys go through different styles and looks in their hair, especially RM.

That is why here we have made a small selection of the best looks that the handsome Namjoon has had throughout his artistic career, where we have seen him have blue, black, ash and blonde hair.

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Talent and style

It is very difficult to choose which has been RM’s best look, because we have to admit that the leader of BTS knows exactly how to wear each of his styles. And for this reason, we believe that the fairest thing is to leave it to a vote.

So let’s let the battle begin, and among the comments, point out what Namjoon’s best look has been in recent years.


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