BTS: What does Suga do in his spare time?


Find out what Suga usually does when he has free time or is not recording with BTS.

We are used to always seeing the boys of BTS very active, giving concerts, rehearsing, preparing, receiving awards and participating in different television shows. But sometimes, we don’t know what they do in their spare time, that’s why we tell you that Suga usually does in his spare time.

Some of them go on a trip, others visit their old houses to spend time with their family, they also exercise or do activities that have not been done for a long time.

What does Suga do in his spare time?

Have you ever wondered what Suga does when she has free space in his schedule? It’s normal to believe that the BTS guys would do those things that we would do if we had their lives and their fame, but believe it or not, some enjoy the simple things in life.

Like Suga does, this BTS idol is one of the BTS members who loves to eat and rest when he is not working with the rest of the group.

If we think about it, it is normal that some of the BTS idols prefer this, because while they work a lot, all they ask for is a good meal and a comfortable sofa to watch series or play video games.

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