BTS: What does Min Yoongi mean, Suga’s real name?


Suga’s names are full of beautiful meanings, be it his real name Min Yooongi, or his stage names. Find out what they mean!

The names of BTS idols have a deep and beautiful meaning, especially Suga’s names, as both her stage names and her real name (Min Yoongi) have a beautiful meaning and a quite touching origin.

The boys of BTS have inspired thousands of people around the world with their beautiful music and their messages, which have touched all audiences of all ages, who follow their career for years.

The young stars of Big Hit Entertainment are idols with incredible personalities, who have shown their talents on and off stage. In every interaction, the BTS idols have shown that they have big hearts, which has caused ARMY to have a great connection with them.

That itself has led ARMY to wonder what the real name of Suga means, who before he was famous was known simply as Min Yoongi.

Currently the idol of BTS has two stage names, Suga and Agust D, but her real name is Min Yoongi (or Min Yoon-gi), the amazing thing is that all her names are full of beautiful and deep meanings.

What does Min Yoongi mean?

Min Yoongi, the real name of the BTS idol, was chosen by his parents and means: ‘Grow well and live the good life’, the name suits Suga perfectly, because basically the rapper follows this phrase to the letter that It represents him perfectly, since his music reflects all his thoughts and is always true to himself.

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Other names for Suga

The BTS idol explained in an interview that when he came to Big Hit, he used the stage name “Gloss” but the company found it unattractive, so they suggested “Suga”, this name was related to the position he played in basketball (protective shooting), it was so with the first syllables of their position they formed the word “Suga”. So the symbolic meaning of Suga’s name is “the one who guards and protects the group” something that suits him perfectly.

Another name that BTS idol usually uses is Agus D, the name is derived from the initials DT, abbreviations of his birthplace, Daegu Town, and at the beginning it has the word “Suga” written backwards.


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