BTS: What does “Daechwita” mean?


Daechwita was a hit, it broke records and more, but … what does it mean? And why is it so important to BTS idol Suga?

Months ago Suga and BigHit gave ARMY a big surprise with the arrival of Agust D-2, whose title track is Daechwita, an MV that has been a success.

Daechwita not only managed to break new records hours after its release, but it was also quickly placed in public view. Agust D-2’s lead single is not only accompanied by an impressive MV with historical overtones, but it also has a whole story behind it. Do you want to know what is the meaning of the lyrics and the video? Read on to find out.

Daechwita is a traditional Korean musical genre born at the end of the Joseon dynasty, which used to be performed in royal processions, it was characterized by including wind and percussion instruments. Today it is still used on special occasions and for military purposes.

What does Daechwita mean to Suga?

Suga’s song maintains a traditional essence from his native South Korea, both musically and visually. Daechwita’s MV is doubly starred by Suga, who is a humble boy who represents the Korean people and is also the king.

Min Yoongi, better known as Suga or Agust D, faces himself in an endless battle, his revolutionary and humble side against the powerful, cruel and dangerous part of his personality.

During the development of the MV we can see that Min Yoongi has a deep scar around the eye, the interesting thing about all this is that in South Korea a king cannot have any mark on his skin since otherwise he would not be considered fit to occupy the throne. However, the fact that Suga proudly displays the scar on his face is proof of his strength, which despite being hurt inside was able to show that he is capable of achieving his dreams and higher ambitions.

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The king witnesses how the humble boy challenges him on several occasions and decides to use his power to order that his head be cut off, just as other members of the village have suffered the same fate. Finally Suga is captured and bound by his hands and arms for execution but he seems to be fearless and moves to the rhythm of the torches that surround him.

However, the idol of BTS, Suga, is not afraid of anything and even at the moment when he was about to lose his life, he could continue to fight for his ideals and rebel against injustices, this is how he challenges the king. and shoots him, stealing his last breath.

Daechwita is a representation of Suga’s constant battle against himself and how the desire to achieve his dreams has given him the courage to do everything possible to reach the top, yet the emptiness he feels when he now has everything. that he wanted and more continues to haunt him, as he has expressed in other hits like BTS’s “Interlude: Shadow.”

Daechwita gives a powerful message about being proud of our roots, of being able to become what we love the most despite adversity. At the same time, the dark side of power is also clear, where having what we wanted most is sometimes not enough.

Without a doubt, Daechwita and his incredible historical MV have become a success and an opportunity to make us reflect on our own abilities. Suga revolutionized the music industry with the release of Agust D-2, her second mixtape, what is your favorite song?


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