BTS: What Does Agust D Mean, Suga’s Alter Ego?


On the fifth anniversary of the Agust D mixtape release, learn more about rapper Min Yoongi’s ‘other me’. 16 August 2016 marks a turning point in his career at Suga, of BTS. That day Agust D, the rapper’s first mixtape, was officially released.

This 2021, the piece self-created by the famous Korean celebrates its fifth year of publication and, before this, ARMY remembers the achievements he has achieved. The curiosities around this are also remembered, such as the meaning of the title, which is also the name of Yoongi’s alter ego.

About Agust D

The compilation consists of 10 titles authored entirely by Suga (and mostly also solely composed by him), including the main one of the same name that has an MV on YouTube.

According to official sources, the interpreter had a recording period of five years, from 2011 to 2016. That is, his origin dates back to the idol’s pre-debut, who entered the aforementioned industry as a member of BTS in 2013, under the pseudonym Big Hit.

Through the mixtape, Min Yoongi (real name) has been able to show off a completely different side to what he shows as BANGTAN BOY, with fast raps and powerful beats born of his creativity.

What does Agust D mean?

Yoongi’s alter ego name is made up of three elements that are part of his life and career:

  • Agus, by his stage, name as a member of BTS but spelled in reverse
  • T, for the town, which means city from English to Spanish
  • D, for Daegu, the artist’s hometown and where his rap story began.

The pieces were put together to give meaning to Suga from Daegu City. This denomination, then, synthesizes the pride that this great representative of music feels for his passion and the place that marked the beginning of his path.


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