BTS: What do Suga’s eyes and gaze reflect?


BTS idol Suga has proven to be a talented rapper and songwriter, but … what are his eyes and gaze hiding? Here we tell you.

The boys of BTS have different looks, their eyes usually reveal aspects of their personality, as well as their behaviors and details that would not be seen with the naked eye. But Suga’s eyes have fascinated more than one fan.

Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, V and J-Hope make up one of the most powerful K-pop bands in the world, the performers of ‘ON’ managed to fulfill their dreams thanks to their talents, skills and dynamics, but their Eyes can hide us and at the same time reveal what they have been through to get to where they are now.

Have you ever wondered what is reflected in the look of each one? Today we will tell you about the mysteries behind Suga’s eyes.

The eyes of the BTS idols have a unique brightness and they tell many stories, the personalities of the BTS members are very varied, the idols’ bodies and their features are unrepeatable, their hands, their height, the color of their hair, the natural shape of his hair and even the shape of his eyes is special and of course Suga is no exception.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and the looks of the BTS idols are very sincere, reflecting their mood, their charisma, their tastes and sometimes the feelings that they hold deep in their hearts.

This time we bring you an analysis of the look and the shape of the eyes of the idol of BTS, Suga, what does the sight of the rapper say? Leave us your opinions in the comment area.

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This reflects Suga’s eyes

Min Yoongi is a boy with a look that could seem somewhat challenging and mysterious, in depth he is sincere, full of emotions and power. The pupils of Suga’s eyes are brown, but the edges are stronger in color.

In addition, Suga has something that differentiates him from the other members of BTS, this handsome idol has double eyelids in one of his eyes, however, in the other he seems to not have this characteristic, something that surely only the true ARMY had noticed.

Suga’s eyes seem quite sincere, as is the personality of this idol, who has not been afraid to show who she is and what she thinks through the lyrics of her songs.


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