BTS was part of the Grammy Museum Collection.


The BTS members had a talk for a broadcast hosted by the Grammy Museum Collection, where they talked about Dynamite and its success.

BTS continues to collect hits and after the impact of their song Dynamite, these Big Hit Entertainment idols were invited to be part of a very special show with the Grammy Museum Collection team. The guys hooked up for an interview where they talked about how they feel at this point in their career.

Despite the difficulties that have come with the year 2020, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan continue to bring joy to their fans, so J-Hope commented that in this season full of complications many people’s plans may have been interrupted, but Through Dynamite, the group tried to make their fans see that despite everything there are many things they can do and, in their case, they chose to share a happy song to spread positive energy.

Recording a song in English was a new challenge for them, but Jimin said they decided to take the opportunity because they believed the song was worth it and it would be appropriate to keep it the way the demo was made.

Can you imagine what is the key to BTS’s work? Jin pointed out that the communication and friendship that exists between the members of the group is what allows things to work out so well for them, as everyone can have a say and contribute ideas to create better results.

Namjoon revealed that it made him very happy to know that in addition to the views and places that Dynamite occupied on the charts, the people around him also gave him very good comments on this song, mentioning that it was the right song for the moment because it transmitted a very special vibe.

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The idol group is at its best, so Jungkook pointed out that something that started as a dream for them in the music industry, has led them to live great experiences and all this was possible thanks to all the support and love that their fans give them. This is why the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are always grateful to those who listen to their music.

We want to continue to focus on that and give back to our fans with great music and performances.

Meanwhile, Suga reflected on the reason why they include important messages within their songs, noting that she considers it very important that the person who writes also talks about their story and that includes their weak points. In addition to being an element that gives way to creativity, it is something that many people could relate to.

The guys from BTS also performed Dynamite for the live with Grammy Museum Collection and you can check out their incredible performance below.

This group has just released the movie Break The Silence in theaters in some parts of the world and we will tell you how the ARMYs are living this experience.


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