BTS was part of Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp


The BTS members were as guests on the radio show hosted by Bae Chulsoo. The BTS members’ schedule has had many activities since their last musical release, the group from Big Hit Entertainment has participated in various programs with virtual performances, but now they were also part of Music Camp with Bae Chulsoo.

The K-Pop stars were invited to the show that is broadcast through MBC Radio and which is also turning 30 years old, we tell you everything that happened during their visit.

Did you know that Suga has been a fan of Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp since he was a student? This was revealed by the idol during this broadcast, but J-Hope’s father also follows this show and the group members did not hesitate to mention it.

Bae Chulsoo shared his excitement due to BTS # 1 on the Billboard chart, this radio host and singer said that he has been sharing this chart since the 90s, however, it is now that he is about to retire who was able to share a first place by a Korean artist.

It was then that he asked the idol group members if they expected this result, to which Yoongi said that they did hope to reach number 1, but since Cardi B’s song also showed a lot of strength, they were not sure if they would achieve it. .

Despite leading the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the group confessed that reaching number 1 in a second week was totally unexpected, so even Bang PD was on the verge of crying when he heard the news and called them. Instantly.

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The idol group will likely surprise with more achievements, as they mentioned that they are preparing to release a new album during the next few months of 2020 and will also have an online concert in October.

According to Jimin, BTS’s next music release will be an even better song than Dynamite. But now that the next album is ready, V revealed that he has been inspired to work on his first solo mixtape.

The BTS members revealed that their peers are a motivation when it comes to working on more music, however there are also other great music stars who have inspired them throughout their careers.

The members of Bangatan Sonyeondan presented some autographed gifts to Bae Chulsoo, thanked the invitation, and congratulated the show on its 30th anniversary, but they also took some photos that they shared on their social media.

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