BTS was in the finale of I-LAND and provided advice


The BTS members provided words of encouragement and advice for the guys who will be debuting as ENHYPEN. The final episode of I-LAND was full of surprises, one of the best moments was the participation that BTS had in the show, since they were able to meet the participants and advise them for a better performance in the future, because the adventure of these boys is just about to begin.

The debut of the I-LAND winners is approaching, so the members of BTS shared a bit of their experience by providing some tips that will be useful for the members of the new idol group.

After seeing the work of the members who will now debut as ENHYPEN, J-Hope thanked them for their performance, but recommended that they not forget how they began to trace their path and also their essence. Remembering what your dreams are and how hard you put in will go a long way, but he noted that you should always try your best to keep improving.

They must love their music and be passionate in their performances. With that, I am sure they will shine even more.

Meanwhile, Jungkook wished them much success and shared that he hopes that soon these guys can find their own style to show their coolest side to the entire audience, but he agreed with J-Hope by mentioning that they should never forget the feelings they have in this one. time to keep your passion and keep growing every day.

Jin shared that he considers it very important to maintain a good relationship between the members, so he shared a bit of his experience while preparing to debut:

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When we debuted, I expected to be with them for a long time. I am very happy that we can do it. I wish it was the same for you who will debut soon.

Meanwhile, Suga acknowledged that the work of the guys who participated in the I-LAND reality show was very good and hopes that after their debut they can meet frequently, but Jimin preferred to focus on a very special advice, noting that these Debuting guys should never forget the fans and the teamwork to achieve what they are already doing.

ENHYPEN will debut soon and will be composed of the 7 guys who were winners of this reality show, they are Yang Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Lee Heeseung, Park Sunghoon and Kim, Sunoo.

BTS is also preparing for new music releases, one of the most anticipated projects by fans is V’s first mixtape, have you heard their first song yet?


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