BTS: V reveals Secrets and Personal Problems in “Proof of Inspiration”


BTS members have collected a collection of videos in which they tell fans how they chose songs for Proof, as well as what meaning these melodies have in their lives. We tell you what V. said.

Before the expected release of the Proof album, BTS has a lot of surprises for ARMIE, and after they presented the songs that will be included in the tracklist, now the K-Pop idols are telling us how they chose the songs for this compilation.

Since this is an album that reflects the evolution of his career since his debut, we will find not only his greatest musical hits, but also songs that for some reason are special or mark a certain moment in his career.

The first “Proof of Inspiration” video was released recently, and Taehyung is the main character, which allows us to see a little bit of what we will enjoy during the return.


The video features various images that, accompanied by V’s voice, create a very interesting narrative about what the idol wanted to capture in the collection, he shows that he chose the tracks Singularity and Zero O’clock, but not only for how great they are, but also because of what they represent to him.

The singer says that he constantly had to choose between Kim Taehyung from everyday life and Vi, his side as an artist. This is what is mostly reflected in the Singularity, but he continues to point out that over time he managed to reconcile the different sides of his life, although he decided to keep them separate.

V talks about the “test” in his life that made him who he is

The new BTS album is called Proof, so when choosing these songs, Taehyung thought about the personal challenge he had to face becoming a world-famous artist.

Stay tuned, at Nation Rex we will tell you more about the preparation for the comeback and the rest of the videos for Proof of Inspiration.