BTS: V REFUSES to shake Jimin’s hand. Why?


V and Jimin have ARMY delighted with their shenanigans, but this time the BTS members had an embarrassing moment.

It’s clear that BTS guys know how to have fun, but jokes don’t always end well. This time V and Jimin caught the attention of fans, why? In Somagnews we tell you all the details.

V refused to shake member Jimin’s hand. The reason is so adorable that it is attracting the attention of fans.

BTS released episode 113 of the variety show “Run BTS! 2020” on October 27, where the members dressed in nostalgic uniforms challenged games related to topics such as music and physical education.

V and Jimin, the naughtiest

Later, in such a game, the “safe action” that V himself showed Jimin became a hot topic.

However, when V hesitated for a moment at Jimin’s actions, he refused to shake his hand looking at his palm for some reason.

TaeTae was hesitant to hold Jimin’s hand, thinking that there might be something on his hand, that he had been eating rice balls and ramen a while ago.

Facing such a state of V, Jimin extended his hand again as if to say “Okay”.

Fans are smiling at the relationship between V, who seems to be confused and confused, and Jimin’s boldness, who doesn’t care about details, is a perfect match that they even look like brothers.

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