BTS: V kept a secret when he made his acting debut


The day V did his first acting job, he showed the great love he has for his fellow BTS members.

Idol V made his acting debut as his character Han Sung, the Big Hit Entertainment artist shared incredible moments with fellow drama ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’ and there is a secret that the K-pop singer kept very well.

The ‘Winter Bear’ performer is a multifaceted idol, because his talent is not only limited to singing and dancing, the BTS member has taken off his career as a drama actor, his first appearance on the small screen was in the K- drama ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’.

V had a great growth during his participation in the South Korean series starring Park Seo Joon, showing his acting skills, the boy from Daegu city shone with his work as a flower warrior.

The dynamics on set were so good that V managed to befriend the entire cast, including the main actor of the drama, who did not hesitate to give the ‘Dynamite’ singer some advice.

Recently, a fan revealed an anecdote that Taehyung starred in the filming of the drama, it is a closely guarded secret and reflects the personality of the band member BTS.

V’s secret during his performance

Taehyung is known to be a very funny artist and his charisma is a trait that fans cannot go unnoticed.

A BTS fan took his social networks and related an experience that V had in ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’, the member ARMY works in an agency and many of the personnel who work in the company were present in the recordings of the series.

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Taehyung’s fan says he had long hours of work, the K-pop idol decided to distribute coffee among the staff and actors to combat sleepiness and fatigue caused by long hours on set.

When V handed the drink to the staff and his colleagues, he said, “Love BTS very much, please.”

This gesture touched the hearts of the people who received the coffee, because even though Kim Taehyung was in a solo activity, he always had Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and RM present.

Some time ago, V became “the muse” of a famous illustrator, the artist took the beauty of the singer as a reference and captured her visual in a series of fabulous drawings. Do you think V always has her BangTan mates?


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