BTS: V is crowned the king of social networks by a PHOTO

BTS group idol V managed to dominate social media after posting his concept photo for “BE.”

Social media erupted with the new image of V from the K-Pop band BTS, who is known for breaking his own records regularly.

The idol set a new record, becoming the fastest Korean male artist (in a span of just 27 hours 18 minutes) to reach 5 million likes on Instagram with an individual photo.

He beat his own previous record twice for this new hit, which he earned thanks to the tireless support of his millions of fans around the world.

But not only was this his achievement, V is now the only Korean male artist with multiple individual posts to exceed 5 million likes on Instagram.

V caused sighs with his images

As soon as V’s concept photos for BTS’s upcoming album BE were released, Taehyung took over internet trends and an army of verified Instagram accounts liked and left beautiful comments on the South Korean performer’s photos.

Meanwhile, V’s Dynamite teaser photo remains my favorite photo of any Korean male artist.

Every time any of the BangTan members share an image, it is clear that ARMY runs to give the image a heart or a thumbs up. And in this new era it will not be the exception.

There are only a few days left until the launch of his new musical project, which promises to have too many surprises for fans around the world. Although at the moment there are not many details about the tracklist, the group has given some clues in their photographs.

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In Somagnews we will keep you informed about the new advances of BTS in music and what the new album will bring. Do you think V deserves to be the king of social networks? Do you think the group will break more records when it launches its musical premiere?



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