BTS: V changed personality? Your MBTI is now different


Each member of BTS has a different personality and charisma, but both characteristics can change over time, this is what happened to Taehyung.

BTS is full of very talented, dedicated members who always show their best facets on stage, enchanting millions of fans thanks to their music and dance skills, presenting excellent songs and performances.

But also off stage, the Bangtan Boys have managed to completely captivate ARMY with their personalities, although they are all different and give each of their characteristics an individuality; We can also find a type of MBTI for each member of the boy band.

Although with the passage of time we can all change, as happened to Taehyung, everyone is finding new facets of themselves as they evolve with the passage of life and perhaps this happened to this member of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

V’s personality type has changed and it was not a small detail, but a big characteristic that was affected over time, what is Taehyung’s new MBTI?


In the interview for Vogue Korea, BTS’s Kim Taehyung revealed that his MBTI personality had changed from ENFP to INFP, KHÉ? This means that before he was more extroverted and now he has become more introverted: 0, according to V, this happened because he became more cautious and careful.

The change in Taehyung’s personality even impacted on his songwriting process, for the idol this change was good because it helped him see what is good for him and he was also able to grow thanks to the people around him.

V’s personality could change in a big way, but he takes the best of this evolution and no matter what happens, he continues to present the best of his talents for ARMY, maybe no one had noticed this change in the idol, have you seen it? ?


The characteristics of INFP, V’s new personality, is that they have great sensitivity, creativity and independence, although sometimes they get carried away more by emotions and at other times by feelings; They are very faithful to his principles, ideals and values.

Do you share a personality type with this Bangtan member? Nobody expected this big change in Taehyung, but it seems that he feels good about it and for ARMY the best thing is that his favorite idols are calm.

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