BTS: V changed his look and MADE the whole ARMY MAD


BTS singer V caused a social media meltdown when he shared a couple of selcas with ARMY. Kim Taehyung flaunted his new hairstyle in selfies.

Have mercy, Kim Taehyung! BTS member V takes the ARMY’s breath away with his latest look. To the unspoken, after hiding his new look for weeks, Taehyung revealed that he has dyed his hair in a mullet shade.

The singer’s new look was revealed during promotions for the Dynamite song and became an instant hit with fans.

The ARMY fandom couldn’t stop praising his hot new look. Today, TaeTae gave fans a closer look at heis good boy who became undeniably attractive in his new selcas.

BTS: V goes crazy with his look

V, the Sweet Night singer took a couple of selfies in the mirror as the hairdresser put the finishing touches on his look.

Hitmaker Winter Bear was seen sporting a metallic suit in the photo.

The singer’s bracelets slipped out of his sleeve in the selca. Tahyung shared the photos with the caption “Hello Army” and added a smiling emoji at the end.

Look at the pictures below:

Taehyung joined RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin to flaunt the new look.

Is it safe to assume that we will have a Jungkook selca soon? While we hope our wishes will be fulfilled, the members’ new look will be fully showcased in their upcoming English-language song, Dynamite.

The Bangtan Boys released the third teaser photo where the septet was seen in a restaurant.

Fans noticed the menu placed behind the members as a sneak peek of the name of the background song.

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