BTS: V and Jungkook share a new photo that excites ARMY


Jungkook and V from BTS are the best of friends, the singer of Stigma likes to show his great affection for his partner, now Instagram is one of the social networks where he has shared great moments with him, one of them a photo of both of them. appropriates trends on the Internet.

With the release of the official BTS members’ profiles on Instagram, ARMY has been keeping busy with so many updates, but she appreciates the boys sharing a bit of their vacations and travels.

One of the artists of the K-Pop boy band that has surprised fans is V, now he has another way to excite the fandom, as with the recent photo he uploaded to Instagram, in which he appears with Jungkook, what were they the reactions of Internet users?

Through @thv on Instagram, Taehyung posted a set of two photographs, in the first one appears alongside individual images several celebrities invited to The Late Late Show with James Corden, one of them Timothée Chalamet.

The second photo we could see V and Jungkook, the first wore a jacket with colorful flowers, necklaces and a black shirt, while the Golden Maknae winked, the combination of both was an experience for ARMY.

Although the comments on BTS’s V’s Instagram profile are limited, the fans showed both their love with many likes, in just 9 hours he accumulated more than 11 million likes, a number surprise. : 0

After Taehyung posted the new photo of him next to Jungkook, ARMY celebrated on Twitter and other social media, where their names were placed on the trending charts in various countries around the world.

But the Permission To Dance singers not only boasted of their friendship or popularity, because ARMY believes that the publication is a clue that would indicate a possible Christmas collaboration of the duo, these are just rumors. Do you think guys are planning something special?