BTS Universe Story releases first trailer for the game


BTS will release a new video game and you can already see the first trailer about the story. The boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan have prepared great surprises for their fans this year, one of them is the premiere of a new video game under the name of BTS Universe Story, its launch is very close and we will tell you all about the trailer that they have just revealed.

The promotional video for this game begins with Jin in frame, who slowly shows us a smile that does not reach his eyes, it is then that the scene changes and the video reveals scenes of a neighborhood in the middle of chaos, with fights, fire and smoke everywhere.

RM is in this space wearing black clothing while walking down a street. On the other hand, Jin is in a study in the middle of the dark, the idol holds some pages that he begins to read and that undoubtedly make a strong impression on him.

When the trailer takes us back to the scene starring Namjoon, we see how two different moments come together through small actions, so we see RM and Seokjin together in a new setting, but that image only lasts a few seconds.

RM runs back to enter a small house, where he finds a little boy who hugs him before the fear that invades him, however then he runs away and we see how this space is invaded by flames while Jin watches him with a sad look.

Seokjin turns around and begins to move forward, it is then that he transports us to the universe of the video game, where this idol is walking by the sea with the moon shining on him. A long sigh helps him to rest and the adventure in the game begins.

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Jin’s character witnesses some scenarios that lead him to encounter various eras that BTS showed in their videos, but initially it seems that his groupmates don’t notice his presence.

It is then that the other members of the group join this teaser showing a little of their day to day. Seokjin finds a notebook that appears to be blank, but when he touches the pages the letters begin to appear and transport him back to a new dimension.

Check out the trailer below:


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