BTS Universe Story, know the new details of the game


“BTS Universe Story” will be released very soon and will have a well-known concept in video games. After the success of BTS World and after the disappearance of SuperStar BTS, the agency BigHit planned a new project to explore the universe of the K-pop group, whose story will address the mysterious theories of the era “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (The most beautiful of life).

Through a virtual conference, Netmarble, the company in charge of the development of “BTS Universe Story”, revealed that its premiere is scheduled for the third quarter of the year, that is, in August or September. Very little missing!

Regarding the concept of the game, it will be very different from BTS World, the characters will no longer rely so much on the personality of the boys and the fans will have more freedom, since the “sandbox” genre will be applied.

The video game will be similar to SIMS; Great Theft Auto (GTA) or Minecraft, where the user can carry out missions without following a specific order, as well as explore the virtual world at will, in order to offer the player a comfortable and free experience.

Netmarble did not give any further details or the exact date of its premiere, but it is expected that there will be a good reception from ARMY. The first trailer for “BTS Universe Story” has already been revealed.


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