BTS unboxing their new Samsung Galaxy S20


BTS unboxing their new Samsung Galaxy S20. The members of BTS revealed what the special edition of the Galaxy S20 that Samsung created inspired by ARMY looks like.

The members of BTS showed how the phone looks as a result of their collaboration with Samsung for a special edition of the S20 model .

Since the announcement for the launch of this cell phone equipment , it was said that the new device would be inspired by ARMY and the special bond it maintains with the idol group, sparking the curiosity of its followers around the world.

Now, Samsung Korea shared a video of the BTS members showing this cell phone created especially for their fans.


The clip is divided into two parts, the first stage reveals us Namjoon, Jimin, Jin and Suga performing the unboxing of the new special edition S20. The boys mention that the box itself is pretty because it has special details.

Later, they showed the wireless headphones in a purple case and a set of photocards that is included, to later reveal what the cell phone looks like in purple metallic, which also has a lockscreen with the BTS logo .

The second stage of the video shared by Samsung is carried out by Jungkook, J-Hope and V, who showed a decoration set that fans can use to give their S20 a special design . The kit includes stickers, a surface to create the design and the aforementioned photocards.

BTS members reflected on how each item in this cell gear includes items that are special to ARMY, so they also remembered how the color purple became an important detail for the group and their fans.

Recently, BTS set a new record on iTunes thanks to the support of their fans, this achievement occurred with their song Black Swan, a tune they promoted a little before their comeback with ON.

The video clip shared by Samsung is not available for all regions, but you can watch it below:

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