BTS unboxes BE and reveals album content


BTS reveals the unboxing of “BE” ahead of its release date, the K-pop group revealed the content of their new album.

With just a week to go until the idols of BigHit surprise ARMY with new music and break their own sales records and on music platforms, but the excitement overflows not only in the fandom, but also in the members. Bangtan decided to share unreleased details of “BE” through unboxing.

Through their official YouTube channel, BTS made a live broadcast that had more than 2 million viewers. The guys gathered in a boardroom to talk about their excitement for “BE”, which is due out on November 20 and whose title single will be “Life goes on”. The K-pop group decided to reveal the content of the album, as it is one of their most personal works.

During the meeting, the idols made a small spoiler of a song that is included in “BE”, they all hummed an unknown melody, they also assured that the album contains credits for each of them, since they were personally involved in the album as producers , managers and managers of the visual image.


Fans will be able to enjoy various collectible accessories within “BE”, the album will have more than 1 or two photocards, as the boys commented that they decided to be generous and put more of these photo cards at random, although they did not show anything to the camera directly, but they went over it among themselves.

What they did reveal was one of the black and white posters where the boys appear in different outfits while holding a camera, they also took a look at the CD and revealed that the letter pad is written by hand, apparently by Namjoon, who received praise for his handwriting. Suga also contributed to the visual art of “BE”, since the famous blue painting he made during a VLive is part of the album, it is not known if in the photobook, the cover or as a background for the images.

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Jimin shared his thoughts on looking like older youth while admiring the photoshoot. In the end, they all congratulated each other, as they worked very hard to create “BE”, an album that they describe as something very beautiful and they cannot wait for ARMY to see it, in addition, some kind of postcards were included, but only for orders made in pre-sale.


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