BTS tops the world charts with ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’


BTS tops the world charts with ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’. Reliving the most special moments of BTS’s debut has made ARMY surprise the world again.

After the BTS fandom decided to relive the group’s best moments on their debut, the songs from BTS’s first record material have been placed at the top of the music charts.

Fans of this idol group have acted as if the group was just getting closer to their debut, recalling the boys’ profiles, the way their debut was prepared, and the rumors that ran around this boygroup. In this way, they have carried out a collective simulation where they accompanied BTS in the stage prior to their presentation in front of the media and also in the release of their first record material.

This dynamic, in addition to providing fans with pleasant moments, has placed the songs of ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ on the charts again, occupying high positions. The 7 songs on this album entered the iTunes chart in the United States, but this was not the only country that is seeing this phenomenon.

The song ‘No More Dream’ entered the iTunes list of 25 countries , among which are USA and UK. But also, it rose to number one on the same list within 12 different countries, including Brazil, Bulgaria, Honduras, Peru, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Finland.

As a chain reaction, also ‘Skool Luv Affair’ and ‘O! RUL8,2?’ They re-entered the iTunes charts in the United States , but ARMY has made it clear that this is only the beginning, since the fandom found in other countries is doing its part and mobilizing the charts at all times.