BTS took over Twitter for 4 days in a row


BTS takes over Twitter and demonstrates their power on social media following their Billboard success with “Dynamite.”

The BigHit group achieved 2 consecutive # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, one of the most popular music rankings, a moment that unleashed endless reactions from ARMY, who shared various messages of congratulations and support for fulfill one of your dreams.

According to a Twitter report, BTS generated more than 46 million interactions after announcing its triumph on Billboard, during 3 days the K-pop group took over the platform and registered the highest number of Tweets on the same topic; In addition, their celebration video garnered more than 6 million views.

The platform explained that Bangtan generated endless posts on the social network from August 31 to September 2, the words and hashtags that ARMY used during those days were BTS, Dynamite, 방탄 소년단,, # 다이너마이트, #BTS_Dynamite as well as the name of your official account; In the period of August 3 and September, they reached a figure of 257 million Tweets.


Twitter also recorded the figures in its publication to thank ARMY for its support, which received more than 2 million likes and 800 thousand RTs. The euphoria of BTS on Billboard was also an event for great personalities from South Korea, such as its President Moon, who personally congratulated the group and had a small conversation on the social network, generating more interactions and interest on the subject.

In addition to the replies, comments and messages that Bangtan generated, Twitter also started a campaign with “Dynamite” and created custom emojis to generate greater participation from ARMY, the images were an explosion of fireworks, a disco ball and finally a diamond that refers to the lyrics of the song.

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In the words of YeonJeong Kim, Director of K-pop and Twitter Content, she assured that the social network is the platform that has served as a bridge for communication between BTS and ARMY for 6 years, therefore, they have sought strategies so that each event or theme regarding the Korean pop group is much more fun and dynamic.

Currently, BTS has more than 28 million followers and has managed to reach ARMYs around the world to take over the trends.


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