BTS to reveal 2 new versions of Dynamite very soon


BTS will reveal 2 new versions of “Dynamite” that will surprise you. The BigHit group concluded the countdown to their comeback and surprised the ARMY with an explosion of colors, retro rhythms, and a sum of records with their new single, but the surprises from the idols are not over yet and in the coming days.


The alliance between BigHit Entertainment and the Columbia Records label are preparing new releases for BTS and “Dynamite”, to continue the message of positivism that the boys want to convey with this K-pop song. The choreography of this comeback is very simple and you can dance it to a new remix.

Another version of “Dynamite” will be an acoustic song with the Bangtan boys’ choir, creating a much more emotional single than the original, as BTS has managed to convey various feelings thanks to the tone of their voices on several occasions.

The premiere of both versions of “Dynamite” is scheduled for August 24 at 11 pm, Mexico time. These releases are expected to help promote the comeback, as well as cheer up ARMY during tough times, as the pandemic still continues across much of the world.

The energy of BTS in the MV for “Dynamite” combines pastel colors, references to the era of the 90s and the playful attitude of the Bangtan members to cheer up ARMY, since the initial purpose of their release is that the fans have them in mind when they hear the song and forget the bad times for a moment.

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“Dynamite” also released an instrumental version after the premiere, which takes up various rhythms and sounds from the 90s, which you can listen to as a soundtrack for your daily routine, as it creates a positive environment around you. Also, the sound of trumpets and beats will make you feel like you are inside a record.

Have you heard it yet? For now, “Dynamite” continues to add views on YouTube, 12 hours after its launch it has already exceeded 54 million views.


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