BTS to release remix for song ‘Dynamite’


BTS has been confirmed to be releasing a remix version of their English-language song ‘Dynamite’.

Previously, BTS was known to have released the song ‘Dynamite’ version of ‘DayTime’ which consists of acoustic, EDM, tropical, and poolside.

Now BTS plans to release the song ‘Dynamite’ version of ‘NightTime’, which is divided into slow jam, bedroom, retro, and midnight versions.

The latest remix of the song ‘Dynamite’ will be officially released on Friday (18/09) at 1:00 p.m. KST tomorrow.

“Dynamite” is BTS’s first English song to previously set a record by ranking first on the Billboard Hot 100.

Are you ready for the new remix of ‘Dynamite’?

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