BTS to be awarded at the Korea Society’s annual gala


The members of BTS will receive a special award at the virtual ceremony. BTS has earned the recognition of a large number of fans from different countries, yet these idols have brought more than just good music to the world.

Through campaigns and messages, the members of BTS have tried to contribute in the construction of a better society where respect and unity are paramount, this has led them to be recognized by different associations and movements.

Now, BTS will receive a special award from The Korea Society, which will be presented in the 2020 edition of the organization’s annual gala.

The ‘James A. Van Fleet’ award is dedicated to celebrating those individuals who contribute to the relationship between Korea and the United States, strengthening the alliance of these countries with their activities.

Due to the popularity that BTS has gained in the United States, the idol group will be recognized in a ceremony that, for this occasion, will take place virtually on October 7.

BTS will not be the only ones to receive recognition, as some veterans of the Korean War and the president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also be honored.

Recently, BTS added a new Guinness Record in Korea, all thanks to Map Of The Soul: 7 and the support of their fans, find out what it is by clicking here.

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