BTS: This would be the Perefect date for Jin. How romantic!


The older BTS member admits that he wants to go on a perfect date this way with the right person for him.

There are many boyband fans from South Korea, not only in their home country and even in Indonesia, but a boy band from South Korea that has many fans, even in Indonesia, is BTS.

From teenagers to mothers, they love to see the appearance of a South Korean boy band, BTS and apart from seeing the appearance, fans of BTS or better known as ARMY fell in love with their idols.

Dating is complicated for a Korean idol. In addition to the fact that there are several agencies that have strict dating restrictions, it can also make idols prone to scandals and their popularity with fans may decline.

What about BTS on dating?

Big Hit Entertainment as BTS’s agency does not give any restrictions on this, but the BTS members themselves do not want to date. They admit that they are more focused on pursuing a career.

Still, fans certainly wonder what the ideal type of woman is among boy group members around the world. After being asked many times, each member finally told the fans.

Jin’s perfect dream date

The oldest member of BTS admits that he wants to have a cute and lovable lover. He also wants his girlfriend to be good at cooking, kind, and also understanding. Jin even mentioned artists that he thought fit his type, namely the actress who played Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson.

Among other idols, for his part Suga wants to have a girlfriend who looks like him. Girls who like hip-hop and rap, if possible, rap is even more appropriate. Suga also likes calm and understanding girls.

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As for J-Hope, the sun of BTS, he wants a lover who likes to read, is attentive and is good at cooking. J-Hope wants his girlfriend to always try to support him, be loyal, and pay attention to him at all times.

Do you think you can be the ideal chiaca for BTS’s Jin?


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