BTS: This is the secret that Jungkook has a steel wife!


Jungkook possesses an impressive body that has driven ARMY crazy, and this is what the BTS idol does to keep his abs flat.

Jungkook, the youngest of BTS, is magical and plays an important role in the success story of BTS, the band he belongs to. He is a boy from the main band of the Big Hit Entertainment company and is a big name in the world of K-Pop.

JK has a habit of lifting his shirt and an example of this was during the Fake Love performance when he showed his abs to the public. This was a moment to appreciate all these fans as they got to see his flat and fabulous abs.

After this, his fans wanted to know the secret of his perfect abdomen, and Jungkook had revealed that it is the result of the elevation of his legs that makes his abdomen tense and almost steel. Wow, this secret was brought up by Jungkook himself.

Jungkook’s exercise routine

Various K-pop idols go on extreme diets to get the weight and physique necessary to belong to this business, although sometimes they put their health at risk. However, a balanced diet and exercise are a fundamental part of achieving a body like the Golden Maknae.


Many ARMY members have shared their experiences trying Jungkook’s exercise routine consisting of a warm-up and 10 exercises that seem simple but actually get the entire anatomy right.

This is the list of exercises that according to ARMY, Kookie performs to preserve her toned body:

20 squats
20 Push ups
20 Squat jumps
20 Shoulder touches
10 sec of Iron
20 Climbers
15 Burpees
20 Crunches
20 Leg Raise
20 Superman

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Remember to rest for at least a minute between each of the exercises and drink water. Thousands of fans have tried this series of exercises that Jungkook does and more than one has said that it has helped him mark his abdomen and other parts of his figure. Have you already tried Kookie’s exercise routine? Would you like to have an abdomen like him?


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