BTS: This is how RM reacted when V sang him a beautiful serenade


V surprised RM with a great serenade, how did the BTS leader react to the sweet melodies that his bandmate dedicated to him?

The friendship that the members of BTS have is one of the most invaluable in K-Pop, they have really formed quite strong ties after spending more than 8 years together, sharing many moments and experiences that have made them a whole family.

On many occasions, ARMY has witnessed the most friendly moments, full of affection of the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys and although perhaps some are closer than others, the truth is that they all adore each other and could not think of a future without the company the rest.

And there are many ways in which BTS shows how much affection each member has for another, the Bangtan Boys do not limit their affection and be it with hugs, jokes or details, it is how they are always showing great love and proof of their friendships.

Like this time, where V decided to serenade RM to express his feelings, how did the BTS leader react?


Sometime during Run! BTS could see Taehyung singing, but it was not just any song, it was a special serenade for Namjoon, the Bangtan leader enjoyed the sweet voice of his partner who even delighted him with a high note.

The funniest thing is RM’s reaction, LOL, he makes a very funny face, but still he starts clapping, awww! Appreciating the talent of his friend that he has just dedicated a song to her.

This is how V serenaded RM, with a song especially for him, they really love each other very much and this small sample is a faithful witness of his affection.


V and RM love each other very much and have shared amazing moments together, here we leave you some of the best ones where we can see both idols having fun and showing how much they love each other.

We love seeing the members of BTS together and sharing great moments that always show their friendship and affection.

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