BTS: This is how RM makes Jungkook happy


BTS’s RM and Jungkook have become a fantastic dynamic duo that fascinates the entire ARMY.

Although all the members of ARMY love each of the members of BTS equally, no one can deny that some boys steal more smiles than others and some of the most popular of the boy band are RM and Jungkook and when they are put together they form a bomb of unforgettable moments.

RM and Jungkook have fun together

That is why some fans often make videos for social networks where they collect the best moments of their favorite idols like the one we will show you below.

This video was shared by @Hourlynmgi on Twitter and quickly reached 25.5 thousand likes in addition to having more than 6.8K RTs.

In the images we can see several moments when RM made Jungkook from BTS laugh. You can easily tell that this duo is very dynamic and they have a great time together. Can you imagine when they live together?

Recently, Jungkook revealed in an interview that the secret of BTS’s success is the great communication they have between the members and how they manage to have a good time while they are together since they must spend a lot of time together and they have managed to get along very well.

Communication in BTS

Likewise in James Corden’s carpool, RM said they have managed to engage in dialogue to avoid conflicts and only have tiny problems. When they were asked who was the BTS member who created the most “conflicts” they all named Jimin.

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However, they argued that they were small problems and that fortunately they have been able to cope with their friendship in the best way, forming a whole beautiful family. Keep reading La Verdad Noticias to learn more about your favorite artists.


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