BTS: This is how Jungkook observes Jimin dancing


BTS’s Jungkook was caught by the cameras multiple times while watching Jimin dance. How cute!

All ARMY knows perfectly that Jimin has a supreme talent for dancing and surely seeing him on stage is something impressive, however the cameras have repeatedly captured a member of BTS looking at Jimin with his mouth open and applauding him as if he were his greatest fan.

So is! We talk about the adorable Jungkook, who is one of Jimin’s best friends and they even say that both could have a relationship beyond friendship because there are already several moments together that increase rumors but they are only that, rumors and gossip that they cannot be verified.

Still, there are YouTube channels like Cecilia Kookmin’s where content is created about these two BTS members, such as the video that you will see below of all the times Jungkook “drools” watching the beautiful Park Ji dance -min.

This is how Jungkook observes Jimin

On other occasions, Cecilia Kookmin has said that at each event the BTS members attend, everyone arrives in different vans, but Jimin and Jungkook always go in and out together. It’s even been seen that when Jungkook finishes doing his earrings first, he waits until Jimin finishes his thing to go home.

Is there love in BTS?

Another of the youtuber’s theories is that they both live together in the same apartment located in a very luxurious area of South Korea. This was confirmed when Jimin said that he broke the news about Billboard to Jungkook while they were together at four in the morning.

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This would seem normal since they are a group but it should be noted that the other members made it clear that when they heard the news from Billboard they communicated by phone so they were not in the same place while Jungkook and Jimin … yes.


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