BTS: This is everything we know about your next album, BE


BTS returns with the album “BE”, which has the entire ARMY eager to discover the new sound of the band after a 2020 full of historical records.

BTS is back. The K-pop group announced their plans to release a new album titled “BE” (Deluxe Edition). The album will hit streaming services on November 20 and will be the group’s second release of the year after “Map of the Soul: 7” in February. While details on the new album are scant, the band have provided fans with some clues about their new musical direction.

BTS issued a press release with the album reveal. They stated that BE (Deluxe Edition) will be their most sonically diverse release to date, while still maintaining the BTS sound that fans have come to know and love. They also detailed the ways that BE will promote the international success of Map of the Soul: 7.

BTS diversifies their music

“[BE] will reflect BTS’s deepest thoughts and emotions as they work on the album,” the statement read. “This new project offers an even richer music spectrum experience, as well as the most ‘BTS-ish’ music yet. For this album, he went one step further and got involved not only in the music creation process, but also in the overall production: concept, composition, design, etc. ”

BTS is poised to take an artistic leap after achieving huge success in August. They became the first South Korean group in US history to top the Billboard Hot 100 when they released the English single “Dynamite.”

“Dynamite” also set records for the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, the most viewed music video in 24 hours, and the most viewed music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group. It was a shameless success, and it’s safe to assume that BTS will continue to use the song’s winning combination of funk, soul, and disco.

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Possible collaborations for BE

BTS has yet to announce features, but given their contributor history, we expect some big names to grace the BE (Deluxe Edition) tracklist.

Billie Eilish has voiced being a fan of the bantang boys on several occasions and the singer took photos with the group at the Variety Hitmakers brunch in December. Then BTS retweeted a photo of them along with the caption “now here’s a collaboration we could endorse.”

Lil Nas X is another possible participation in BE (Deluxe Edition). The rapper released a remix of “Old Town Road” titled “Seoul Town Road” with a verse from BTS member RM, so there is already an established relationship.

During the aforementioned hitmakers’ brunch, RM revealed that he has been working with Lil Nas X at the studio. The video interview was eventually removed from Twitter, fueling the belief that the Lil Nas X collaboration is a very real thing.

BTS claimed that COVID-19 had an effect on the album’s theme and reaffirmed their close connection with fans. “We feel that we have to stick together more than ever and do what we do best: music and performance,” they said. “We believe that the ship is now heading towards the point where we can meet the ARMY.”


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