What does BTS think of their Latino fans?


What does BTS think of their Latino fans? Idols have visited Latin America on a few occasions, but have received great love from those countries.

The most successful k-pop group of the moment has had few opportunities to visit Latin America . His previous visits have been swift, but he has certainly let them see what fans on this side of the world have to offer.

The signs of affection they have received in the countries where they have been undoubtedly left a mark on their memory, therefore they have exterminated their desire to return and, although so far the opportunity has not arisen, both the members of the group and the fans follow hoping to be able to meet again.

Mexico, Chile and Brazil have been some of the lucky ones who have received the visit of these talented idols, places where they have said that the emotion of their followers and the energy they transmit while they make their presentations moves them and makes them feel very happy.

In addition, they have shown interest in culture, music and customs. During their visit to Mexico for the KCON, the boys took some of their free time to experience a trip to the Teotihuacán pyramids , an archaeological zone located in the center of the country.

They have also repeatedly said that they listen to some Latin songs, that inspiration was reflected in Airplane pt. 2 , a song that was very well received by ARMY from Latin America because they perceived some features of their culture in the melody.

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During the occasions when they have been able to interact with fans from these countries they have been friendly and very grateful for the support, recognizing how incredible it is that in a country so far from their own, people who do not speak their language are chanting the lyrics of their songs.

Definitely, Latin America will continue to await the return of BTS to the stages of the different countries that want to see them and, although at the moment the future of their tour is uncertain, we know that when they can finally perform in Latin lands, the group’s fans will vibrate each of the venues they visit.


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