BTS: these are the 6 books that Suga has devoured!


The BTS member, despite his busy life, has a taste for reading, so we share with you the six books that have caught him

Suga, a member of the BTS, not only likes to sing but also to read; the books that have come into her life, it seems, are of a different genre and are really interesting.

Truth be told, many people don’t believe that in the middle of their busy career they still have time for lyrics. But, come on, check out what books Suga has gobbled up next!

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The book The Alchemist has been published in many languages ​​and is known almost all over the world. Suga BTS also strongly recommends that this book be read and absorbed. This book tells the story of Santiago’s journey from where he lived, Spain to the Egyptian desert to discover the treasures hidden in the pyramids.

This journey becomes a spiritual process for Santiago as he understands the true treasure of changing the power of dreams and the importance of listening to the inner voice.

2. Sohn Won-Pyung almonds

Reporting from the BTS In the Soop show, Suga is now reading Almonds written by Sohn Won-Pyung. This book is about Yunjae who has the Alexithymia condition where he does not feel fear or anger.

3. About her by Banana Yoshimoto

About Her or About Her is written by a famous Japanese writer named Banana Yoshimoto. This book, which was published in 2008, tells the story of biological cousins, Yumiko and Shoichi, who separated as adults and were haunted by the past of the mother of their twins.

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4. Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen

Banana Yoshimoto is one of Suga BTS’s favorite writers. Many of these books by the author were translated into English and are known throughout the world. This Cooking book talks about mothers, love, tragedy, and the power of home cooking to two free-spirited young women in Japan.

5. Life Lesson of Elisabeth Kubler Ross

This book by Elisabeth Kubler Ross, titled Life Lessons, talks about how humans deal with death. Lessons to live life and learn more about the relationship of one thing to another in life.

6. Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue

Japanese manga comic, Slam Dunk is also one of Suga BTS’s favorite books. This book by Takehiko Inoue is about basketball, whose main character is Hanamichi Sakuragi.


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