BTS: These are Jimin’s best dating moments


BTS is one of the bands with the most fans around the world, and it is that these handsome Korean boys have driven us all crazy, making the language not an impediment for their emotions to penetrate us, or for us to admire their character.

Without a doubt, one of the most flirtatious is Jimin, who at every opportunity he has shows us why he has earned being the Bias of much of the Army, because out of nowhere he throws us a smile that makes us lose our reason.

A video on YouTube has given us a compilation of the moments where Jimin brings out his most flirtatious side, even in serious and unexpected moments, because in the middle of an interview for the presentation of an album or a concert he gives us winks and very flirtatious looks .

In addition, because of the forty-one through live videos, the singer goes from answering questions, or talking with his fans, to immediately wink, stick out his tongue and make some sign of being a complete don Juan.

And it is that handsome singer at 24 years old has a fan club that many singers envy, and this is thanks to his charisma, his talent, and because there is no way to resist his charms.

Jimin is in one of his best moments musically speaking, because although this year the boys from BTS should have gone on tour, they have taken advantage of the time at home to continue creating music. In fact, it is said that this famous man could make another musical duet with one of his companions.

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The smile of this Idol has conquered millions of fans around the world, and what do you like most about Jimin?


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