BTS: The reason idols prefer to hide their love affairs


BTS is probably the most loved Korean band right now, and in K-Pop that means sacrificing part of your love life.

BTS is the latest musical sensation in the world – their angelic voices, unique smiles, and elaborate choreography, along with their strict adherence to fashion when it comes to dressing, make the Bangtan Boys a true jewel for youth.

With the attractiveness that boys are to their millions of fans, there is never a shortage of wondering, who of them are single and who have a partner? While it seems like everyone is single, the truth may be a bit more difficult.

Unlike what happens with artists in the West, K-Pop bands and stars often sign clauses with their country’s record companies that prohibit them from even dating.

Do BTS members date?

In South Korea, K-Pop bands are viewed as “investments,” meaning groups like BTS have to adhere to higher standards by industry executives.

A recent case is that of the artists Hyuna & E-Dawn, who after going public with their relationship faced the consequences with their record label, Cube Entertainment, which decided to suspend both.

Jenna Gibson, a specialist in Korean culture at the University of Chicago, explains that the ban on dating in K-Pop is due precisely to one of the details that have made the genre so successful: its fan bases.

Gibson argues that these are “incredibly dedicated” fan groups, who even take care of advertising and paying for ads featuring their artists’ image, and that therefore some of them believe they can or have the right to decide on actions and personal lives of the idols.

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In the world of K-Pop there have been cases in which the fans themselves produce boycotts against the bands when they become very close to other bands, as was the case of Girls’ Generation with the boys of Super Junior.

According to outreach coordinator for Korean entertainment site Seoulbeats, Lindsay Roberts, fans often feel that there is an unspoken understanding between them and idols, “that in return for their investment of money and time, fans expect a certain amount of ‘monogamous’ dedication of the idols “.

At the moment, there is no news that any of the BTS members have confirmed any romantic relationship, but in case they are not, we now have a clearer idea of how much fans can influence the careers of the artists.


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