BTS: The necklace RM wore for Dynamite’s teaser photos


Since RM’s makeover for the promotion of BTS’s upcoming single was unveiled, ARMY found out what the necklace he wore means.

BTS’s handsome idol RM caused a sensation on social media since his new look was unveiled for the teaser photos, as part of the promotion of his upcoming single Dynamite, which will be released on August 21.

So the girls have shared their new style on Twitter, since the leader of the South Korean boy band returned to that blue color that he once used for some time and that now in 2020 has impacted the ARMY with the tone of his hair .

RM fascinated his followers with the color of his hair, so the girls took on the task of finding out more about those photos, and they discovered what the necklace that their favorite idol wore for the teaser photos really means.

This means the RM necklace

In a Twitter account dedicated to the members of BTS, it was finally possible to know more about the accessory that the leader of the K-Pop band wore, as we remember that in the teaser photos, RM appears with a totally white clothing for highlight the tone of her hair, but what also caught the eye was her necklace.

ARMY announced that it is a “necklace of love and peace” that the rapper used to appear in the photographs, as each member of the South Korean boy band is characterized by his personality, so the girls were fascinated by his style.

BTS song arrives on August 21

There is no doubt that ARMY is very eager to hear the new song Dynamite from the group BTS, as they have been looking forward to their next song, although there is no denying that the boys look very attractive and handsome with their changes of looks.

The leader of BTS knows how to drive girls crazy, and now with his change of look he has fallen in love with the ARMY, because he looks very attractive, also the accessories he uses have been perfect for his personality, did you like the necklace he wore RM?

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