BTS: The most important woman for V to whom he dedicates his kisses and tears


At various times, the members of BTS have shown that, despite being world-class superstars and having reached unheard-of levels of popularity, they are as human and vulnerable as any of us and among them is V, who has demonstrated his Deeper feelings when referring to the most important woman in his life.

From their hidden passions and talents, hobbies, movies and favorite artists, among other things, BTS idols have taken advantage of multiple opportunities to share with all ARMY a part of their life behind the scenes and in the spotlight. made known to the community of admirers who is one of the most important people in his life and that, unfortunately, he is no longer on the earthly plane, but continues to motivate him to give his best in each of his presentations.

Surely, if you are a fairly observant ARMY, you have noticed that Taehyung, during BTS’s live performances, used to send kisses to the sky after singing. This is more than an involuntary gesture and the explanation of the origin of this practice is quite moving.

BTS’s V and her connection to her paternal grandmother

During the 3rd Muster, fan meeting organized by Bangtan Sonyeondan’s three-year history, V opened up with the public and revealed why she had been down for some time. That was how she, through tears, confessed that her paternal grandmother had passed away.

During the BTS event that took place at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul, South Korea, on November 12 and 13, 2016, he commented that his grandmother left this world on September 3 and that the news was received by the band when they were together. tour of the Philippines, as you can see in this video.

She also commented that she had always dreamed of seeing her grandson on television and succeeding in a big way. For that reason, since then, V kisses his hand and raises it to heaven after each musical number, to send his love to his grandmother who, definitely, must be taking care of him wherever he goes, full of pride to see TaeTae converted. in one of the most important K-Pop singers in the world industry, next to BTS.

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