BTS: The Inner Child Boy Who Stole ARMY’s Heart


Taehyung and the boy from “Inner Child” moved ARMY during the solo performance of “Map of the soul ON: E”.

The BigHit group successfully performed on the first day of their online concert to meet once again with their fans across the distance, BTS had the opportunity to present for the first time the choreographies of their album “Map of the soul 7”, Among them, V made a very emotional presentation, where a little boy became the envy of the fandom.

Through the Weverse platform, BTS presented the first day of their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, where they presented a setlist full of technology, choreography and feelings that they have managed to capture with their music, one of the moments More special was when V presented “Inner Child”, a personal song with a special meaning.

On social media, ARMY shared various videos of Taehyung’s performance, as his performance moved them to tears. One of the lessons that the K-pop group has taught them is to love themselves, but not only your present self, but the past, even your inner child, which V represented thanks to the performance of a child that stole the hearts of the fans.


The Bangtan idol performed “Inner Child”, one of the solos from his latest album, for the online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, Taehyung decided to have a boy as a guest to represent his childhood self and to whom he sang as a form of catharsis.

The idol embodied in the lyrics of the song a consolation for his little self, the single is a way to comfort that part of us that since childhood had to face the difficulties of life, V appeared on a stage with a carousel, while the child represented their innocence and joy as they looked at each other.

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This moment made more than one fan cry, “Inner Child” has become one of BTS’s most significant songs.


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