BTS: The habit he wore at V and OMG concerts!


Kim Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, has a super sexy habit that he often uses in the least expected moments, even at K-Pop group concerts.

V has revealed that he actually owns a super sexy habit! Kim Taehyung has secretly done this extremely sexy gesture, mainly at awards ceremonies and events. Fans were taken aback by this subtle V habit, where even sneaky gestures could be noticed.

Recently ARMY discovered that Taehyung actually owns a certain habit, one that he often uses at concerts, awards, and ceremonies. A video posted by BTS fans on Twitter, shows V using this habit very often, which attracts the attention of fans.

V has become one of K-Pop’s most beloved and popular idols, not only because of his outstanding beauty and style, but also because of the rich sensuality that he has displayed since his debut as a BTS star. However, many do not know that V is in the habit of removing the bracelet with his mouth.

The popular K-Pop singer has been seen struggling to put the bracelet on his arm, chewing on the bracelet in the rain, and manipulating the clasp in the middle of a concert. V often fights sexy against his bracelets when they don’t want to do his part.

Kim Taehyung has also displayed this habit in various situations, such as in the seats at an awards ceremony and the intervals between interviews. Due to the incredible perfection of the BTS member, this habit has become one of ARMY’s sexiest and most favorite.

It should be remembered that Taehyung has repeatedly changed his image but he looks amazing with each one of them. V has experimented a lot when it comes to choosing the look he will present, this idol also showed that, no matter what style it is, he can wear them thanks to his incredible image.

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