BTS: The best Suga quotes that will keep you inspired


Check out these quotes from Suga, they will keep you unexpected and will make you understand how Min Yoongi has become a great BTS idol.

Suga has been known throughout his life for working and striving to fulfill his dreams. On May 22, the BTS idol dominated the music industry when he released D-2, the highly anticipated sequel to his first solo mixtape, Agust D. The rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter quickly earned first place on the charts. the US iTunes Album Chart

This also came just two weeks after the impressive all-kill of “Eight’s” collaboration with IU. Now to celebrate Min Yoongi’s accomplishments, we share some of Suga’s best quotes that will likely keep you going for a lifetime.

1. Suga tells us how to deal with change

It’s nice to know that it’s okay when things go in an unwanted direction, because you can always start over. Keep calm, take the next best option, and move on.

– Time Magazine, May 2020

2. Suga believes that BTS was destined to meet

Just being there for each other is a source of strength, even if we don’t say anything. It is not about choosing a specific person. We know each other very well, even without words. Even if I had to put together a team myself, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

When you travel, there are some people you go with from the beginning and others you meet along the way. I think all the reasons would be different. Whether voluntarily or not, we started our journey together.

As we continue, I can’t think of anything better than this. Rather than doing something on my own, the seven of us doing it together has a more synergistic effect. “Could there have been a better match? We must have been destined to meet.” I believe that much.

3. When you feel the world collapse around you

Even if it turns out that you did not do very well on the exam, there is no need to feel so defeated. It may seem like your world is falling apart, when you are not getting the results you want, but that is not true. This is not how our lives work. The important thing is that you get up.

– VLIVE, December 2019

4. Suga explaining “Interlude: Shadow” from Map of the Soul: 7

It is important to really see your shadow and see where it is. Your shadow will always be attached to you, it will always be at your feet and it will always follow you. So it is a question of accepting it or not … It is not about facing your shadow or fighting your shadow, but about acknowledging the fact that you have your shadow. And that really brings us comfort and peace.

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Sometimes the shadow grows, sometimes it shortens and lengthens, but it will always be attached to you. So, acknowledging its presence and accepting it requires a lot of courage. I think that’s what keeps us going.

5. What inspires Suga to create music?

The messages in the songs are the first thing that led me to make music because I grew up listening to that kind of music. They say that the music you listen to in your teens and 20s has the biggest impact on you over the course of your life. I read that the music you listen to in your early years has more value. That’s how crucial music is in creating a value system. I do not know now. But it was so then. Being able to leave a positive message in their minds would be amazing.

-Break the Silence Episode 4, May 2020

6. Suga gives a sincere thanks to ARMY

We promised to sing our music and show who we are against repression and prejudice. And after five years, we are finally … It took us five years to sing our music in front of the public. Thank you very much. And I think it’s you who made our dreams come true.

– The Wings Tour: The Final, December 2017

7. What keeps Suga and BTS going?

Our greatest influence, and where we draw our strength, our comfort and our joy are the fans. So we always keep that in mind when we make our music. And I think our fans can also get that same strength or joy.

– Entertainment Weekly, March 2019

We all understand the power behind Suga’s lyrics, but as these quotes illustrate, the artist can still touch the hearts of fans beyond the music. Now let’s move on and reach new heights, because if anyone is tough enough to accomplish the impossible, it’s Min Yoongi, one of BTS’s favorite idols.


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