BTS: The best photos of Suga WITHOUT makeup Wow!


These are some of the best photos where Suga showed himself without makeup. BTS’s idol’s skin is amazing!

BTS’s Suga is one of the K-pop idols who changes her appearance a lot when she puts on makeup, she can transform from a cute boy to a “rude boy” with some dark colors in her eyes.

The Big Hit Entertainment idol feels very comfortable taking photos without any makeup, plus ARMY loves to see him natural. Suga always takes care of her face with a good skincare routine.

The rapper always shows his outfits on stage in conjunction with BTS, but this time we want to present you with some images of Min Yoongi without any cosmetic on his face. You will fall in love with its natural beauty.

Suga’s tender look

Suga is distinguished by having a very expressive look, the BTS idol has adorable eyes that the ARMY never confuses and when Yoongi does not have makeup he shows a different glow.

BTS idol’s favorite accessory

One of Suga’s favorite accessories is caps, he has many models and many types, and when he is not wearing makeup, he likes to take selfies with them.

Suga’s cute smile

Yoongi is one of the idols who doesn’t need makeup to look good, she constantly cares for her face with different specialized skin care products, and her routine is very good.

Natural suga

Yoongi loves to enjoy her free time outside her music studio, so this photo in the Jin family’s garden is very special because she is so happy, her smile is her best accessory.

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At any angle Suga looks amazing

BTS’s Suga usually takes photos or selfies with different angles, allowing ARMY to better appreciate all of his features.


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