BTS: The 5 best performances of J-Hope as a dancer


As the main dancer for BTS, J-Hope has shown that he is on another level. Here are their best dance performances to date!

BTS’s J-Hope has proven time and again that his dancing skills are no joke. Even in a group full of amazing dancers, he manages to stand out. Skills like yours add to why BTS is one of the most talented groups in the world!

The boys of BTS share a large part of their history as artists, however, each one began to pursue that dream and take an interest in the world of music through different experiences, that’s why J-Hope wanted to share with ARMY how they were their first years dreaming of being a dancer.

Hobi and his love of dancing

Hoseok was an active boy who started dancing in third grade and showed great promise early on, finally deciding that he would pursue the form seriously in sixth grade after pleading with his parents. Hobi became an accomplished street dancer with a team called “Neuron”.

We can find numerous videos in which “Hobi” practices different hip-hop dance routines either alone or with members of the team. It is worth mentioning that J-Hope always displayed a real affinity for physical fluidity, as well as flashes of his trademark cheerful energy.

J-Hope’s best dances to date

1. Demonstrating your flexibility

As BTS fans themselves like to point out in this video, J-Hope has the ability to move like a snake, and he’s also very powerful. It’s amazing to see how flexible your body is!

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2. Total control over your body

Dancers must be able to control their movements, and J-Hope knows how to do it! When he dances, it is as if he has no bones in his body. From the balls of your feet to the tips of your hands, Hobi knows how much energy to use.

3. 100% concentrated

J-Hope is so good at dancing that they even gave him a solo performance at Dream Concert 2015. Usually you might find him smiling happily, but he gets serious every time he starts dancing.

4. Falling to your knees

Now this is an iconic performance. J-Hope and Jimin took on Block B at the 2014 MAMA Awards, and he’s still remembered today for good reason. Hobi took over the stage and made the crowd go wild!

5. Perfect movements

Finalmente tenemos a J-Hope y su participación en el tráiler de WINGS ‘Boy Meets Evil’. Lo que lo hace destacar tanto además de su movimiento son sus expresiones faciales. Los fanáticos pueden decir que está poniendo su corazón y su alma en cada actuación, y en este caso, fue tan intenso y feroz como lo exigía el rap.


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