BTS: That’s how RM reacted to the drama In The Soop!


Through social networks they shared the message revealed by RM from the South Korean group BTS, about the series In The Soop.

Since they announced the In The Soop project, the boys of the South Korean group BTS have starred in funny moments, as it has been a time where they have had the opportunity to live together and share some recreational activities and show what they are like when they are not in the stage.

And it is that, in one of the publications that the ARMY shared, they released what RM said about the time he has been in that place, because his followers could appreciate in the different episodes of the series, that in addition to being companions of a successful K-Pop group, they are great friends.

In that publication that the followers of the South Korean band BTS shared, they revealed what each idol thought, but RM’s comment was one of those that caused a furor on social networks, since In The Soop left him many thoughts.

BTS’s RM talks about how he felt on the show

The leader of the boy band of the moment, commented that having been in a place where only the members of the band existed, for him it was a great experience, since he mentioned that he and the other idols are also living the current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the In The Soop series, the members of the K-Pop group showed the ARMY what they learned. In one of the episodes, the 26-year-old South Korean leader showed off the painting he made with the pointillism technique, as the rapper loves to admire nature.

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Each of the idols of BTS have different personalities, and in the project they managed to make the ARMY fall in love with their funny things and the things they learned, because when they are not on stage, the members enjoy spending time together.


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