BTS teaches you about the history of South Korea


Learn more about the history of South Korea from BTS. ‘Daechwita’ is Agust D’s latest released musical work, the track belongs to ‘D-2’, the second mixtape of the BTS rapper, the song’s MV has so far more than 116 million views on YouTube.

Despite having been released some time ago, ‘Daechwita’ continues to receive recognition from the public, from other figures in the entertainment and political circles, even the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea spoke about the work of Min Yoongi.

MBC’s ‘Those Who Cross the Line ‘television program recorded its latest episode in a Korean construction that served as a prison in the Joseon era, the building was also the location of Agust D’s MV’ Daechwita ‘.

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Suga shot the ‘Daechwita’ video in the famous Yongin Daejanggeum park, but is better known by her MBC name Dramia, a set used for various productions such as movies and K-dramas.

The Joseon dynasty is one of the noble families that has reigned the longest in South Korea, important kings and queens marked the history of their country with technological advances, in medicine, mathematics and astrology.

Many historians speak that the reign of the Joseon era lasted approximately five centuries and the first ruler of this lineage was Taejo de Joseon in the year 1392, he defeated the previous kings of the Goryeo dynasty.

One of the most remembered achievements of the Joseon era is the implementation of hangul, King Sejong ‘The Great’ was the creator of the Korean alphabet in 1443, with the arrival of hangul, the Korean people were able to read and write.

Suga managed to combine the past and the present in his song ‘Daechwita’, interesting, right? The boys from BTS represent one of the great sources of tourism for South Korea.

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