BTS talks about Your Eyes Tell, their new song


The BTS members talked about their new song ‘Your Eyes Tell’. BTS sent a message to his fans and talked about their new track ‘Your Eyes Tell’.

The Bangtan Boys are promoting the premiere of their Japanese album ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’, the 7 idols have already released ‘ Stay Gold ‘, a track that is part of the official OST of the Japanese drama ‘Spiral Labyrinth DNA Forensic Investigation ‘

BTS revealed the second single from the album material ‘ Map of the Soul 7 The Journey’, ‘Your Eyes Tell’, one composed song and produced by Jungkook , along the track of BTS appear in the movie Japanese ‘Your Eyes Tell’.

The boys from BTS talked about the melody ‘Your Eyes Tell’, in an interview the singers and rappers from Big Hit Entertainment explained how they feel about releasing the next single from ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’.

Jimin said the melody for ‘ Your Eyes Tell’ is a very melancholic ballad that portrays some sad feelings. On the other hand, Suga was very excited because ‘Your Eyes Tell’ will be the subject of the film with the same name.

Jungkook appreciated the support of all his peers and Namjoon revealed that he believes ‘Your Eyes Tell’ is a perfect song for a sad, but beautiful romantic story within a movie .

To finish the interview, Kim Taehyung asked his fans to show all their love and support for the melody ‘Your Eyes Tell’ and not to miss the premiere of the film on October 23.

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The plot of the film of ‘ Your Eyes Tell’ portrays the love story of two young people who meet by accident, both characters keep secrets from their past, testing their strong feelings.

Recently, V’s OST song ‘Sweet Night’ broke a music record on the iTunes platform music charts, Kim Taehyung surpassed the incredible marks of British singer Adele and BTS.


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