BTS talks about the meaning of Dynamite


BTS is ready for the first performance of “Dynamite” at the MTV VMAs 2020. The BigHit group began promotions for their new single, which set several records on the YouTube platform hours after it was released. This song is their first full work in English and its development, in RM’s words, was unexpected, as it was introduced to them while they were working on their next album.


Through an interview with Access and, the K-pop idols shared their excitement for the release of “Dynamite” and the meaning behind the lyrics, which describe how to do something even when things don’t go well. Jin explained that it is something bright and optimistic, as the pandemic is something that affected everyone, even BTS’s plans in 2020.

The Bangtan boys expressed their wish that “Dynamite” help them create positive energy with ARMY, because as J-Hope said previously, music was something that gave him a boost during these months in quarantine, in addition, the situation in Korea del Sur is still a bit uncertain, but this song will make you think of the boys every time you listen to it.


Regarding their presentation at the MTV VMA’s 2020 awards, BTS assured that it will be a retro performance and will revive the disco environment, a sound that they captured in “Dynamite” in order to relive the 90s. They also assured that they will present new graphics and choreography, in the MV they only revealed some dance steps.

In addition, it will be their first appearance in these awards, in which they have 3 nominations that ARMY hopes that the BigHit group can win each of the categories. Although “Dynamite” will not have promotions in South Korea, it will be the official live performance of the song on August 31st.

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They also talked about their reunion with the fans, they will make their personalized greetings, such as “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope”, they also advanced details of their next online concert to be held in October Depending on the situation, it could include a limited audience or be transmitted only on the Internet.

ARMY’s goal for “Dynamite” still continues, the MV has already recorded more than 70 million views, the goal is 100 million before 11pm, Mexico time. The presentation for MTV VMA’s was already recorded in previous days.


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