BTS talks about the impact of their music and way of seeing life


BTS talks about the impact of their music and way of seeing life. The group revealed details of their career and perspective of their career.

The BTS guys are still promoting the release of “Stay Gold,” a promotional single from their Japanese album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey,” which premieres on July 15.

The boys made an emotional interview with the Vogue magazine in its Japanese edition and shared various aspects of their career and trajectory, we tell you the details and everything they shared.

What about the luxury that surrounds them?

BTS has become very popular, boys have the possibility to pay or get what they want, be it luxury brands, apartments, exclusive accessories, or collectibles, but they have another perspective of what they consider luxurious.

RM said he values ​​moments of daily life more, like watering his plants. In your celeb status having a chance at a normal routine is best. Suga believes that having time for himself is a luxury.

V was more emotional and values ​​being able to communicate with someone honestly and talk about trivial things, being with his parents or spending time on the phone and meals with friends.

About its cultural impact?

Jimin believes that they are fortunate that there is interest in their culture and that the support of the fans is solely for being them, that is, that although a part of their market is America and a little in Europe, they continue singing in their native language. .

Without a doubt, BTS tries to focus its popularity so that you can continue to communicate with your fans without losing your purpose: sincere music and messages that make a better world, from spreading self-love, to being yourself.

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The boys also talked about how they look in 10 years, because despite their worldwide fame many things could change, if you want to find out more about this interview, discover their vision of themselves in the future.


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