BTS talks about making music during COVID-19


BTS Open Up About The Challenges Of Creating New Music During The COVID-19 Pandemic In Their Interview With The Grammy Museum

BTS participated in an interview and music performance for the Grammy Museum’s new streaming service, Collection: Live.

In the interview with Scott Goldman, BTS talked about what it was like to make music during COVID-19, which included their upcoming album, their recent English single “Dynamite” and Suga’s mixtape, “D-2” under the name, Agust D.

The members also talked about their new chart-topping single “Dynamite,” the choreography, and dynamics of their group over the past seven years.–TJedf/?utm_source=ig_embed

BTS on challenges of quarantined music

On life in quarantine, RM said: “In February and March, we also felt angry, sad and desperate. As time went by, we decided to focus on what we could do. We have focused on our new album and this single. We have been developing personal hobbies like playing the guitar, painting, drawing, and so on. ”

In response to a question about his mixtape, Suga said in the interview, “I had a lot of free time, so I could work a tight schedule for the mixtape. I was able to compile ten full tracks and release them. ”

For their part, Jimin, V, and J-Hope emphasized that “Dynamite”, which is BTS’s first English single, was meant to lift people’s spirits during this difficult period.

Jimin said, “When we came across the song while working on the album, it had meaningful lyrics and the overall feeling of the song was more appropriate as it was [in English]. We decided to take on the challenge of bringing it to life. ”

J-Hope added: “Everyone is going through a difficult time right now. As singing and dancing was the best thing we could do during this time, ‘Dynamite’ was the best way to convey our joy of performing. “V said: The single in English was a reaction to the current pandemic situation.

“We wanted to energize people by singing and dancing, which is what we do best.”

Suga said, “’Dynamite’ has a retro and disco feel, so we tried a lot of different things to mix. We didn’t grow up listening to disco music, so we thought a lot about how to bring that era to life. As a rule, we work with a lot of different engineers in the mixing process, and it’s a constant review process, so we end up trying out a lot of different musical styles. “J-Hope also shared that the key point of the choreography is that it’s easy to do. people dance.

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BTS idols talk about their companionship

On the dynamics of his group, Jin said, “We are close and we talk often. We know that we understand each other and recognize that we are part of ‘BTS’, so we can be objective and share opinions to get good results. ”

RM added: “Each of us is really different and it took us a while to understand each other. The seven of us are in the same boat but looking in different directions. The seven of us each have our own unique color. We are like bibimbap [Korean mixed rice with a variety of vegetables and meat], which has many different ingredients but which combine to make a great meal, like a hamburger. ”

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Jungkook said, “15 years was such a young age to start a career. Naturally, I developed a love for music while working with the members. As a person, I think I was positively influenced by working with such wonderful people. For that I am grateful to the other members. ”

When asked why they had fought in the past, members chimed in with examples such as housework, eating, and sharing clothes.

Behind the music of BTS

On discussing social issues in his music, Suga said, “I didn’t start out with the intention of being vulnerable through music. But I was wondering why no one else seemed to be talking about these things. I didn’t want the music I made to be violent or to have no message. If a song a person makes does not contain their story, what would that person write about? Why don’t people talk about this? And who would talk about it [if I didn’t]? ”

When asked about BTS and ARMY’s donation to Black Lives Matter earlier this year, RM said, “I think our Twitter message speaks for itself. I am grateful that the fans are together with us.”

At the end of the interview, the BTS members gave a performance of “Dynamite.”

After its release on August 21, “Dynamite” became the first single by an all-Korean group to top the Billboard Hot 100. It continued to do so again for the second week and has held the No. 2 spot for two consecutive weeks.

BTS was recently nominated for two Billboard Music Awards and is scheduled to take over “The Tonight Show” for a number of performances and segments.


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