BTS talks about comparisons to the Beatles


The Bangtan Boys shared their feelings about being compared to the British band The Beatles. BTS in an interview explained what it means to be called as ‘ The Beatles of the 21st century’.

Thanks to the worldwide success of the BTS guys with their music, message and record materials , various media have spoken about the similarity of the Big Hit Entertainment band and the musical phenomenon, The Beatles.

Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga and J-Hope attended the Japanese program ‘ SONGS ‘, produced by the radio and television network NHK , as guests on the show, the BTS idols shared some of the songs of their most Recent album ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’.

The boys also talked to the drivers about some of their career themes, their inspirations to stay creative as artists and the process of creating the tracks for the new CD.

As part of the questions from the extensive interview with the BTS singers and rappers , the boys were asked about:

What do you think about being called ‘The Beatles of the 21st century’?

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Seok Jin was the first to speak and commented that it is an honor to be mentioned by BTS alongside people and figures so great for their world fame, but he and his colleagues only think of his band as BTS . The interpreter added:

Only 7 people joined who are passionate about music and make music together. We are 7 people who like to live together on stage. We want to go by the name of BTS .

Park Jimin expressed that for him it is a great compliment that many people call them that way, but:

I want to stay as BTS of the 21st century, this makes me reflect and I think we should work harder as a group. In a way, all of this has become a great motivation for me.

Recently, the Bangtan Boys declared that they would not lose their personality despite the world fame they have, the 7 BTS idols assured that they will never change their way of being.

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